Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Prevent Vandalism in Public School Restrooms


One quickly rising issue in the public school system is vandalism. You will see hints of vandalism in private schools, but the issue mostly falls within the public school sector of education. The number one solution to fixing a problem like this would normally be to fix the behavioral issue, which can often times be done in smaller private schools, but that's a tall order considering that we are talking about public schools. Today we are going to look at some preventative maintenance solutions to help reduce vandalism in school restrooms.

The Problem

Certain kids in public schools will vandalize anything they can get their hands on. As unfortunate as it is, it happens, and there needs to be a solution. The primary target of restroom vandalism is the toilet, considering that kids get bored sitting there doing their business. They have nothing better to do, so why not break something. Another common target for vandalism is the faucet. Both repairs and replacements for these fixtures can ring up a hefty bill for schools. These schools don't want to have to spend money on bathroom repairs when they could use it for something more resourceful, so how can they make their bathrooms vandal proof?

The Solution

A good solution to the school restroom vandalism problem is prison grade comby units. These stainless steel, vandal proof units are a 1 piece toilet/faucet combination. You could either set up vandal proof specific bathrooms or renovate your whole facility to include these units. The cost will be higher up front than your traditional fixture installations, but it will save you money in the long run by alleviating the need for part replacements due to vandalism.

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