Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Make Your Feces Smell Like a Christmas Tree


Today is the first day of August, so Christmas is probably the last thing you are thinking about.  Christmas is  a fun time though... being with family, opening presents, and singing carols make it the most wonderful time of the year. The middle of summer is seemingly the opposite: the most stressful time of the year. Different schedules, hot weather, and busy weeks aren't your common ingredients to a stress-free season. So how can you get into the Christmas spirit five months early? You can make your feces smell like a Christmas tree!

The Product

I would like to enlighten you all to a product called Poo Pourri. This is an essential component to any bathroom that wants to have an overall cleaner feel to it. Think about walking in to a stinky bathroom vs walking into a pleasantly scented bathroom: either you know it's been used recently or you presume it hasn't. Your initial impression of the scent can make a difference in your entire mood while you do your business. With Poo Pourri, you can can get rid of that smelly odor and make it as if you weren't even there.

Why it Works

When you spray Poo Pourri onto your toilet water, it covers the water with a 1 way air trap. Basically, your poop can drop in no problem, but all of the scent is retained in the trap. On top of that, the trap is designed to emit a scent of your choice out in place of the usual stink. Available scents include trap-a-crap, royal flush, heavy doody, and my personal favorite, Santa poo. Santa poo is great because you can spice up your bathroom with the traditional Christmas tree smell out of season. Do yourself a favor and conquer your #2's with a delightful Christmas scent!

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