Friday, October 3, 2014

Creative Ways to Incorporate Plumbing into Your Halloween


Today is the first Friday in October. That being said, people are already starting to think about what they are going to do for Halloween this year. Whether you want to get dressed up to go trick or treating or you just want to stay home and give out candy, there are ways that you can incorporate plumbing into your Halloween plans. Adding a hint of plumbing to your Halloween festivities can not only serve as a creative and unique tradition but also as conversation starter and marketing plug if you own your own plumbing business.

Costume Ideas

#1: Super Mario!!!

You know that Italian guy in all the Nintendo games? Well, whether you realize it or not, he is actually a plumber by profession. Being Mario for Halloween makes for a great plumbing costume for any and all ages. The great thing about Mario is that almost anyone can recognize him. We have all had a time where we got hooked on a Mario game, and sporting him as a costume can help bring back some of those memories. Since Mario is the fairly popular video game figure that he is, you can buy Mario costumes at most Halloween costume outlets, however, you could get creative with it and come up with your own rendition of the Mario costume.

#2: PlumbZilla Gorilla

Seeing that you are reading this blog, you have some connection with the PlumbZilla Gorilla. Whether you are a customer, blog reader, or social media follower, maybe you like our service or branding enough to want to be the gorilla for Halloween. It's a pretty basic costume that can be made in a few simple steps. First off, get your hands on a gorilla suit. After that, get a dark blue shirt and sharpie a light blue "Z" in the middle of it.  Get in the suit, put the shirt on, and that's it! If you're feeling really ambitious, you could get a pipe, plunger or banana (some of the gorilla's favorites) to carry around. If you do something to the effect of a PlumbZilla Gorilla costume, be sure to send us some pictures!

#3: Occupational Plumber

If you are a plumber by occupation, why not be yourself for Halloween? Being an occupational plumber can be a great conversation starter regarding what you do for a living and could possibly even give you some business leads. If you are a plumber by trade, you probably already have a good outfit to wear, but if you aren't, I would still recommend being a plumber. Whether you just have a general interest in plumbing or just want to be the unconventional costume, being a plumber can be a great choice. If you don't already have some kind of plumbing costume or apparel, you can buy a plumbing costume from some Halloween costume outlets or you can come up with the costume yourself. Making your own plumber costume from household items can be easy: just come up with some old clothes, an old hat, and something plumbing related that you can carry around.

But I'm Giving out Candy

#1: Tootsie Poops

If you're giving out candy, tootsie poops can make for a great gag. It's fun, creative, and makes the kids think twice before they go grabbing random candy. The two things you need for this are a miniature antique toilet and some tootsie rolls. Sanitize the mini toilet, take the tootsie rolls out of the wrappers, and use the toilet bowl as your means of giving out candy. The tootsie rolls in the toilet look like miniature poops, making a fun gag for all parties involves. The kids get candy, you get a laugh out of their reactions.

#2: Plumbing Trivia

Another way that you can incorporate plumbing into handing out candy is making plumbing trivia questions to give the kids in addition to candy. Cut some 3 x 5 not cards in half and write a plumbing trivia question on one side, and try to encourage a written answer on the other side. This will give the kids something to do while they eat their candy, and it helps them with their researching skills. Try to make the questions pretty basic so that they can find the answers easily through the internet or even their parents. Handing out plumbing trivia questions can not only help educate the kids in regards to plumbing, it also helps your house rise above the standard level of Halloween mediocrity.


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