Friday, November 14, 2014

Freelance Friday: New Series Introduction


I would like to introduce you all to a new series we will be doing here at the Gorilla Weekly from time to time, "Freelance Friday".

 From the time we have started the Gorilla Weekly, we have published an article each Friday that touched on a particular topic related to the plumbing industry. That's wonderful, and we will continue to publish quality plumbing related articles. However, there are a couple of things that need to be understood, both by the reader and author. As a content creator, I understand that your lives do not revolve 100% around the plumbing industry. You have somehow made your way to this blog based on the fact that you are related to the industry in some way, but by no means is that all you want to read about. As the reader, here's what you need to know: even if you would theoretically like a new plumbing related article every week, it is a monumental task. Our website development team consists of 2-3 people who aren't even fully dedicated to website development, but rather do it in addition to other tasks such as order processing and business administration. Due to the fact that plumbing is such a niche market, blogging regarding the topic can be extremely time consuming.

Our goal for this blog is to bring you quality content each week. The new series we are introducing, "Freelance Friday", will assist us in accomplishing our goal. The idea of this new series is that once in a while, instead of writing a plumbing related article, we will publish a general blog post covering a variety of topics that everyone can relate to. The thought process behind this is to fix the two problems mentioned above: you don't want to read about plumbing all the time and I'm hard pressed to publish a plumbing related article every week. You may or may not know, but active plumbing blogs on the web are few and far between. On top of that, the few active plumbing blogs have turned to consistently posting content that is unrelated to plumbing. Our desire is to provide readers with quality content on a weekly basis, mainly consisting of plumbing articles but occasionally deviating from the topic.

To sum up this public service announcement, there will be no changes in regards to content publishing. We will continue to publish articles weekly on Fridays at 1 P.M. EST as we have since we started. The only change taking place is that our new series, Freelance Friday, will occasionally take the place of our usual plumbing article and will cover a subject more broad and general compared to the niche topic that is plumbing. Thanks for reading, and as always, have a great week!


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