Friday, June 26, 2015

Why You Should Choose T&S for Your Commercial Kitchen Needs


While there are many competitors within the restaurant supply industry, there is one particular company that stands out in my mind when I think of commercial kitchen supplies: T&S Brass. From my experience in plumbing sales, T&S is a very touchy subject for people due to the higher prices they charge in comparison to other kitchen supply manufacturers.  I'm certainly not here to tell you that T&S is right for every budget and every kitchen, but their products should definitely be a top consideration when shopping for commercial kitchen supplies.

Brand Comparison

The biggest turn off I have seen for T&S parts is pricing. Let's take a step back from the plumbing industry real quick and compare T&S to a well known sports brand, Nike.  Nike is well known across the nation for carrying high quality sporting goods. When you buy Nike, you not only buy from a well respected brand name, but you also get higher quality goods for a higher price tag than you would from other sporting brands. The same goes for T&S and their products. When you buy from T&S, you pay more money but receive a high quality, long lasting part that will make the extra money worth every cent.

Replacement Parts

One of the greatest things I like about T&S is that they are an American manufacturer. Not only do American manufacturers tend to produce a higher quality product than foreign manufacturers, but they also generally have the option to purchase repair parts. This is something that T&S does very well. On their website, that have tons of spec sheets and part breakdowns that identify individual repair parts for various fixtures. This allows customers to even further extend the life of the fixtures they buy from T&S.  While cheaper kitchen supplies may be tempting to cut cost, know that buying from T&S is well worth the extra money.


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