Friday, September 5, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Toilet Clogs | Chapter 2: Auger - The Heavy Doody Tool


Chapter 2: Auger - The Heavy Doody Tool

So last week we covered everything you need to know about the plunger. That's great, and statistically speaking it will work, but sometimes you need to go deeper. That's when you break out the auger.

What is an Auger?

The auger is, in layman's terms, the top of the line unclog tool. When a plunger just isn't getting the job done, the auger should be your next go-to utility. Basically, the auger allows you to snake a metal tip through your pipes in an attempt to unclog whatever is stuck in there. There isn't a ton of variety when it comes to augers, but we prefer General Pipe Cleaner's 3 ft. Flexicore Auger.

How do I Use an Auger?

As was with plungers last week, you can't really explain how augers work simply through text. The video below will show you how to properly use the auger and demonstrate how exactly it works.

A quick word of warning, if the you successfully unlcog the your pipe with the auger, it the metal head will come back up with fecal matter on it. I highly recommend you take it outside to hose it off after using it each time.

In Conclusion

Even though there is not a whole lot to say about the auger, it is an extremely effective tool that can be of great use to you if you find yourself in a situation where the plunger just isn't getting the job done. If you are interested in purchasing an auger, you can do so through our website here. We hope that this week's post shed some light on how augers work and whether or not you should keep one in your house. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for us, and check out last week's article to enter in our "Most Unconventional Unclog Story" competition where you could win a $20 Prepaid Visa gift card. As always, have a great week!

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